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I'm Amiya. I help entrepreneurs to get more clients with the best software and tools available on the web.
I have a background in Digital Business, and I've been working as an online marketer for over 7 years now. I review best software and how to run your digital business online.
I'm passionate about helping people achieve their goals, and I believe that the right tools and software can make all the difference.

Who I am:

Hello, my name is Amiya Nandy, founder of designertale.com, and now I have been in the Internet Business since 2014.

I have started this blog as a challenging project to let you learn about the best of the best trending internet business tools and services uniquely.

This blog name also I have selected as my name to showcase a wide range of products and services.

Specifically ranking and reviewing many popular business tools and services that help build a successful digital creator.

My School Days:

I was unaware of what to do in life during my school days. When most of my friends have loads of dreams to be successful engineers, doctors, or lawyers, they are sure to be doing something outstanding in life.

I listened to them and was unsure what to do in life.

I had no aim in life, unsure what to do because I pretended myself as a low-grade student in the class. However, I passed the “A” division in science in the 12th class.

Till 2006 I spend my life leisurely, almost doing nothing big most of all, you can say not having any dream or goal.

The Change:

My self-realization came in 2007 when I joined a drama workshop. I was greatly influenced by one of our mentors. He pointed out a significant characteristic in me that I was unaware of before he told me about it. It was the confidence I had that I most probably got by birth.

When I pick a job, I become very confident in seeing the result of whatever result it gives me. I always remain confident that I will learn if I stick with it.

Maybe this was the time I tried doing things confidently to achieve anything and stick to the end of the job to see some positive results.

I think and maintain that “Positivity is the key to success.”

My professional journey:

After graduating in science, I started thinking about getting a job, just like you people think in your early 20s if you are.

I started preparing for government jobs (here in India, we all want to be government employees).

I cracked more than five government jobs within two years of my preparation.

That’s helped me recognize the power of positivity I have, and it became a shield, or you can say protector of my life.

But after working 4 hours in my job I was not completely satisfied.

Because before getting a job, I made a routine of practice and self-improvement; somehow, I was missing that I became lazy day by day working the 9-5 job.

I missed my routine, the time block I made to crack my jobs.

I was missing my energy, putting it into a waste box.

I asked myself

Am I wasting my time when I return to my home after the office?

How can I use my time doing something different I wish to do?

How to convert my time into a money-making process?

Since my birth, I have learned about business because my father was a businessman though I come from a family where doing the job is the priority.

My journey to internet business:

As I was busy doing my jobs in the daytime, I made a plan to start my learning online to start the making money process. Because I knew I had to do something different out of the box where I get minor completion and make money.

I started my journey of learning

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator online.

The only thing that helped me was my confidence, and after almost one year, I could manage this two software.

I started my first earnings as a graphic designer.

Since then, I have started learning personal branding, digital marketing, social media marketing, and promoting your brand. Because I was alone, and I had to learn those things to get social media presence.

I founded designertale.com in 2015. Which is my brainchild, and this is now taken care of by my business partner and life partner, Anusree.

The journey of being a start-up founder is not easy when you solely work yourself, and I entirely make the website.

What I learned since my internet business journey:

  • I learned that only a product making company make a profit in any internet business
  • I learned how to make a website and get traffic to it.
  • I learned how to make brands.
  • I learned how to promote a brand.
  • I learned how to earn your first “Dollar ($)” on the web and grow it.

My motto:

Think positive and stick till last to see the result of your journey.

I will share my journey to make you think differently and what tools and services you must use to get success in the internet business.

Contact Me:

If you want to ask me anything you can just send me email to [email protected]