How To Start A Blog Using WordPress

In 4 easy steps, learn how to start a blog using WordPress. However, you’ve probably heard that creating a blog and generating money from it is a great way to earn money passively and that anyone can do it.

I am not saying you are wrong. However, in the year 2022, you must consider blogging to be a business. Suppose you think about the success of bloggers earning thousands of dollars per month. In that case, you must remember that many others in your position want to start a blog and make money from it. Starting a blog is not that much, but you just need some innovative ideas that can also serve the market’s needs.

It’s important to remember that your competitors are doing the same thing. I’ve revealed the simple step-by-step technique for launching your WordPress blog and becoming successful in the blogging startup business. I have been in this business since 2015, and I have been earning thousands of dollars from it.

Fortunately, one of the great features of WordPress is that it’s so simple that almost anyone can do it! You’ve got this. It’s simple. Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, meaning that if you opt to purchase a paid plan, I may get compensation at no cost. These are products that I have personally used and endorsed. You can get through the Affiliate disclosure on our privacy page.

Questions On How To Start A Blog Using WordPress

Q. Is WordPress easy to use for a new blogger? 

Ans. My answer is an absolute yes because of the availability of many plugins. I use it on my website, selling digital products and generating good monthly revenue. 

Q. Is WordPress free or paid? 

Ans. WordPress is a 100% free Content Management system with thousands of free built-in features. Thousands of creators are creating a custom plug that will fulfill your exact requirements. 

Q. How much does it bring to host a website on WordPress?

Ans: While the details of setting up a WordPress website are not veritably challenging and within a simple way, your WordPress blog or website will be live.

Stick to these instructions, and you will be up and running.

Steps To Create A Blog

Step 1:  Define Your Blog Niche

Being a beginner in blogging, you must focus on the broader niche. For example, you may choose your topic, like sports, cooking, gardening, or whatever you think you have the opportunity to make money from your niche.

First, you must not be too specific about the topic at the starting point but try and test everything in the broader niche area. Your aim should be to make money from your blog. So consider your blog as your business start-up.

Consumers require several products from every business to meet their needs. If you are entirely new to blogging, you must know two major profitable areas where a blog post can be written.

The first one is “How to post.”As long as you consider this post an example, i.e., “How to start a blog.” Or “How to reduce belly fat,” etc., and another type of post that answers the query of the how-to posts. They are the ” Best posts” like “Best protein powder to reduce belly fat.”

Why am I telling you this before answering your query on how to build your blog?

Because I know you will spend a tremendous amount of time blogging after reading this article and launching your blog.

You must check the A to Z of blogging before starting your blog to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Step 2: Search Your Custom Domain:

After choosing your blog’s niche, the second most crucial part is finding a domain name for your blog. 

Your blog name is the address of your online presence, and it will be a name like ( 

Your domain name should be directly related to the theme you chose in Step 1 and should be easy to remember so that visitors can remember the name easily. 

It’s also a good idea to do some keyword exploration. If you do not find your expected domain name, you can mix and match two names together to find your domain name.

It’s also a good idea to do some keyword exploration. If you do not find your choice domain name, you can mix and match two names together to find your domain name.

So it would be best if you had a domain to start with your niche top keywords, and you can buy it with Bluehost.

Step 3: Pick a Webhosting service:

The coming step is to detect a reliable web host for your blog.

Picking a web hosting for your blog will help keep your blogging files like the images, pdfs, and other essential files on a 24×7 online server.

Your hosting service provider will serve the blog pages whenever anyone wants to visit your blog.

I prefer Bluehost as your blog’s most reliable and premium quality web hosting service provider.

Bluehost comes with a dedicated server that helps run your WordPress blog a lot faster for a beginner blogger or even a pro blogger.

The coming step is to detect a reliable web host for your website. To start a blog for a beginner, I will recommend you to click here to go to ->

How to start a blog : Bluehost Hosting Service

Also, with Bluehost web hosting, it’ll bring only ($2.95/ month) to get started with a free domain. 

It offers a multilingual client service by converse.

You follow the below link and subscribe to the preliminary plan presently. As you grow your website business from time to time, you can also enhance your web hosting plans.

Visit Bluehost

After choosing your domain name, you need to select give your account information.

How to start a blog : Register with Bluehost

Now it’s time to choose the right hosting plan and I recommend you to go for a basic plan for now and day by day when you will be able to grow your blog then you can choose an upgraded plan later on.

hosting service bluehost to start a blog package information

The longer time you will subscribe for your offer will be decreased the same way. Go for 36 months and it’s highly recommended by Bluehost too.

How to start a blog : Bluehost package information

Now you will choose your payment method and after successful payment, you will be redirected to the Bluehost cPanel area to start a blog.

How to start a blog : Bluehost payment information page

After filling up the information, you will check the terms of service and cancellation policy agreement and click submit.
You have now successfully ordered Bluehost hosting.
Bluehost will send you a welcome email with your Bluehost Cpanel login credentials.
Suppose you purchased hosting from Bluehost and received a free domain name. In that case, you will also receive an email with instructions on how to activate it.

How to start a blog : Bluehost account set up

If you bought your domain name from someone else, skip this step.

You’ll be prompted to create a password for Bluehost at this point.

How to start a blog : Bluehost account password creation page

Now you are done to start your blog.

Step 4: Download and install WordPress

To avoid stating the extreme, once you’ve chosen a web hosting and a domain name, it’s better to spark WordPress and get started. 

Installing WordPress on Bluehost is super simple and takes only a few minutes, and your website will be ready.

Bluehost will walk you through a four-step procedure to help you start a blog after you log in to your web hosting account. If this is your first time launching a blog, I recommend following this approach.

How to start a blog - Installing WordPress

Now it’s time to add a crucial part to add a logo, write an about page and select a blog to start your first blog with Bluehost.

how to start a blog with WordPress

In the next step write a little bit about your blog.

To choose your theme from the WordPress dashboard, visit Apprearche > Themes for a free theme to start your blog.

Click on add new outlined in the image below and choose your theme to start your blog.

Choose any one of the free themes and you are good to go.

That’s all you need to start your blog up and running with Bluehost.

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