Only A Job Can Not Satisfy Your Financial Goal

only a job can not satisfy your financial goal

I was not satisfied after getting a job because I knew myself. The mentality I have started building some years back when I was just started preparing to earn money.

I knew I have lost several years after passing the 12th exam and now is the time to pay me back for those hundreds of hours I wasted.

So, after started working for a nationalized bank in India what I thought I have just got the oxygen to survive.

Oxygen is necessary for our survival and It’s crucial to breathe and we all know it.

The next part of life is to find food to input energy into your body.

In the journey to making money, I have just reached the first level when I got my job.

It was 2008 and till June 2009 I was just procrastinating and thinking about what I can do with doing my job so that It can satisfy me to reach my monthly income goal.

What I was conscious about I have to make some more money doing my job as well.

At that time in 2009, we are all affected by globalization, and the internet started booming.

Brick and Mortar business is converting to an online business.

I was not much aware of online making money.

When I was traveling by train from my office one day, I met one of my juniors in school and he was also returning home from his office.

During a 20 minutes journey, we were discussing something he was doing already and it was a blog he started and making money through it.

I can not remember the blog name but what valuable information he shared that he was making money by sharing some good reviews of books he purchased from Flipkart.

People were coming to his blog reading the reviews and purchasing after it and advertisers were paying him to show their ads on his website.

The most interesting part was he did not have to stay at home for this and he was doing this with his job as well.

That’s triggered me and soon I started exploring the way to make my blog and do something that can give value to people who are in trouble.

What I determined was I had to make another source of income that will satisfy my financial goal.

At that time, I had no knowledge of coding and I was completely unaware of making a website or blog and running it.

What I had and will always remain is my confidence.

I was confident I will make money without quitting my job.

I registered a domain name and purchased hosting and I invested a little money at that time (Though I have bought several domains after that and built websites).

I still do not have much coding knowledge but I am earning a good amount of money excluding my salary.

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