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Only A Job Can Not Satisfy Your Financial Goal

I was not satisfied after getting a job because I knew myself. The mentality I have started building some years back when I was just started preparing to earn money. I knew I have lost several years after passing the 12th exam and now is the time to pay me back for those hundreds of hours I ...

How I set a goal and achieve it

Very amazing changes appeared on me and I will write here about how I set a goal and achieve it after that. After spending a few days working on nothing I finally set a goal and strive to achieve it. When I was doing nothing and completely unaware of my future I was completely lost I found ...

I was lost when I was 19

After passing my school final exam, I was lost when I was about to reach 19 years of age. After passing the 12th class, I was committed to earning money doing business. Though, I was from a family where the job is the most priority. I had no intention to study further though I got an "A" ...

The incident when I was in school

In my school days, I was not very serious about my career because I was not a so-called brilliant student. Somehow I managed to get my science stream. The bad memory I had during that time was I had to forcefully sit on the Commerce stream as just made the qualifying marks to get into Science ...