RoseHosting Review: Is It Best Choice In 2022

RoseHosting review
Are you looking for a reliable web hosting provider that offers VPS and Dedicated Server plans at affordable prices? If so, RoseHosting is a perfect choice! In this RoseHosting review guide, you will know all about RoseHosting. In this RoseHosting review, we will look at their impressive VPS and Dedicated Server plans and find out why they are one of the most popular web hosting providers today.

What is Rose Hosting?

If you’re looking for the best commercial Linux virtual server Web-hosting service, Rosehosting should be your first choice. Since 2001, Rosehosting has provided Linux virtual server services. They are now one of the most popular web-hosting providers, with a wide range of VPS and Dedicated Server plans. Rosehosting review

Why Choose RoseHosting?

There are many reasons why you should choose Rosehosting as your web hosting provider. First of all, they offer VPS and Dedicated Server plans at very affordable prices. In addition, their servers are equipped with the latest technology, and they offer 24/ Seven support to their customers. When you buy hosting for your online business with Roshosting, you will not be charged any setup or other hidden fees. You’ll also get a direct admin control panel for $5 and numerous Linux distributions such as AlmaLinux, Debian, and Ubuntu.

Overview Of RoseHosting: 

Rosehosting has been providing web hosting services since 2001 and is based in Missouri. Rosehosting hosting plans are beneficial to both online business owners and individuals who wish to create personal websites. why choose Rosehosting

RoseHosting Features : 

Rosehosting provides a diverse range of services. Managed NVMe Hosting and Managed Hosting Solutions are the two primary forms of hosting services. Rosehosting offers Linux VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Custom VPS, and Shared Web Hosting in the Managed NVMe Hosting category. Besides WordPress hosting, Magento hosting, Odoo hosting, Nextcloud hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and Prestashop hosting are all managed by Rosehostings. Also, Rosehosting provides an SSL certificate and domain which you can easily transferable. Later in this Rosehosting feature area, we’ll delve deeper into the main features that make Rosehosting an excellent choice for your web hosting needs.

Domain And SSL Certificate: 

Rosehosting offers a free domain and an SSL certificate with each hosting plan. The domains are easily transferable, an excellent feature if you ever need to change web hosting providers. The SSL certificate is also included for free and is a great way to ensure that your website is secure.

Hosting Services

Rosehosting offers two different types of hosting services: Managed NVMe Hosting and Managed Solutions. Also included in the Managed Solutions category is WordPress hosting, Magento hosting, Odoo hosting, Nextcloud hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and Prestashop hosting. I go through both of these hosting services in more detail below.

Managed NVMe Hosting:

Rosehosting’s Managed NVMe Hosting is an excellent choice for those who need a robust and reliable hosting service. Some of the features included in Managed NVMe Hosting are:
  • VPS Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Custom VPS
  • Shared Web Hosting

Linux VPS Hosting : 

Suppose your website requires more excellent protection. Then you should go ahead and take it. Some key benefits of Linux VPS Hosting in Rosehosting
  • Root access
  • 5 minutes average response time,
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  •  free weekly backups
  • 24/7 support

Cloud Hosting :

Rosehosting now provides completely managed Cloud Hosting, a cutting-edge cloud computing approach for producing online applications and improved website performance. You may effortlessly manage all of your circumstances through its robust dashboard. You will have extra tools to develop websites without issues with its managed cloud hosting.

Dedicated Server :

Rosehosting provides Dedicated servers, a combination of solid physical servers and modern technology that deliver entirely dedicated, high-performance, and flexible. There are various aspects to a dedicated server. All servers offer
  • Unlimited migrations, 
  • A free control panel, 
  • Root access,
  • Free fully-managed support, 
  • A dedicated/static IP address, 
  • An unlimited number of services, 
  • Free SSL installation and NVME disc storage, among other things.

Rosehosting Custom VPS :

Rosehosting is one of the most popular hosting companies, and they offer a wide variety of services. One of their most popular services is Rosehosting Custom VPS. Rosehosting Custom VPS is an excellent choice for those who need a little more power than what a shared hosting plan can offer. Rosehosting Custom VPS allows you to customize your plan to fit your needs. You have the option to choose customized services like
  • RAM
  • Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • CPU Power
Rosehosting Custom VPS is an excellent choice for those who need a little more power than what a shared hosting plan can offer.

Shared Hosting :

RoseHosting Provide low-cost Linux shared hosting with cPanel, allowing you to control your site files. Here are some of the benefits of shared hosting.
  • Free backup.
  • Website migration
  • 24/7 Fully Managed Support for Original Non-Modified cPanel
  • Rosehosting may offer NVMe storage through shared hosting, which is super fast.
  • FREE & Premium SSL Configuration provide Linux shared hosting
  • Firewall Security and Hardening

Managed Solutions :

RoseHosting provides WordPress hosting, Magento hosting, Odoo hosting, Nextcloud hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and Prestashop hosting. Other than that, each package has a different focus to make sure that it meets the needs of a specific type of user. WordPress Hosting In Rosehosting : The Managed solution category at RoseHosting offers WordPress hosting. If you want to run a simple WordPress website, you can use Rose hosting. Some of WordPress Hosting’s positive aspects are listed below –
  • Complete weekly backup for free.
  • Unlimited server migrations 
  • Free 24/7, fully managed support 
  • Ultra-Fast NVMe storage 
  • Highest quality Dell servers 
  • Firewall security and hardening are provided by WordPress hosting

Rosehosting Magento (Managed Magento Hosting)

RoseHosting Offers a dedicated Magento hosting environment. Magento hosting solutions are geared toward improved performance.

Odoo Hosting:

Rosehosting offers reliable and affordable Odoo hosting plans starting at just $38.47/ per month. Rosehosting’s team of expert Linux system administrators will install, configure and optimize your Odoo server for you.

Nextcloud Hosting:

Rosehosting offers Nextcloud hosting plans starting at just $20.97 per month. Their servers are optimized for Nextcloud, and they offer a free migration service.

WooCommerce Hosting:

Rosehosting also offers WooCommerce hosting plans starting at $20.97 per month. Their servers are optimized for WooCommerce shops as well.

Prestashop Hosting 

Rosehosting offers Prestashop hosting plans starting at just $20.97 per month. and

SSL / Domains :

RoseHosting offers SSL and domains, two of the essential aspects of site-building. SSL is classified into two sections based on its discount, namely Grouped By Brand and Grouped By Type.  You may also quickly transfer your domain with RoseHosting.If you have any problem with web hosting, RoseHosting’s support team will help you solve your problem.

24/7 Support : 

If you have any problem with web hosting, RoseHosting’s support team will help you solve your problem. Rosehosting has 24/7 live chat support team available to solve your hosting issues. Rosehosting also provides technical support at the time of backup and restore your files and any Security threat that comes to your website.

Who can use Rosehosting?

The short answer is that Rosehosting is for anyone who wants an easy-to-use, reliable, and affordable hosting solution. But if you want a more detailed answer, read on. Rosehosting is perfect for personal websites, small businesses, e-commerce stores, and larger businesses. No matter your needs, Rosehosting can provide a suitable hosting solution.

Advantages Of RoseHosting

 RoseHosting provides a few advantages over other web hosting services.
  • RoseHosting provides full weekly backup free of cost.
  • Also, RoseHosting provides unlimited Server Migrations.
  • The uptime record of Rosehosting is excellent, around 99.99%.
  • If you have a problem, you can trust 24-hour help. Its average conversation response time is under a minute.
  • RoseHosting provides ultra-fast NVMe storage and a variety of Linux distributions like Ubuntu, AlmaLinux, and Debian.
  • Rosehosting delivers Linux VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Custom VPS, which no other web hosting company offers; that’s a kind of a different plan.
  • There are no setup fees or hidden costs involved with their services.

Disadvantages Of RoseHosting

There are some disadvantages of RoseHosting in addition to its benefits.
  • It is not the cheapest option. RoseHosting is not for you if you are looking for a low-cost web hosting solution.
  • Additional disadvantages of RoseHosting include the fact that server hosting locations are limited. RoseHosting only has a single facility in Missouri, which might be less convenient for foreign consumers.

RoseHosting Pricing Plans:

Let’s have a look at RoseHosting’s price – The pricing structure of RoseHosting varies depending on the hosting. We go over their pricing structure in depth below.

Linux VPS Hosting (Per Month Plan):

  • NVME 1 VPS – $29.95    
  • NVME 2 VPS – $54.95    
  • NVME 4 VPS – $79.95
  • NVME 8 VPS – $99.95
  • NVME 12 VPS – $129.95
  • NVME 16 VPS – $159.95
  • NVME 24 VPS – $199.95
  • NVME 32 VPS – $249.95
  • NVME 64 VPS – $449.95
  • DEDICATED SERVERS (If you need more features) – $299

Cloud Hosting Pricing:

Rosehosting’s Cloud hosting offers a pricing range based on how much you use it. This Cloud hosting has a pricing calculator that allows you to estimate your costs based on your use.

Dedicated Server Pricing (Per month plan):

  • 1/4 SERVER – $299
  • 1/3 SERVER – $399
  • 1/2 SERVER – $599
  • FULL SERVER – $1199
  • THE BEAST – $1999

Custom VPS (Per month plan):

Custom VPS pricing plan starts from USD 40.48 monthly.

Shared Web Hosting (Per month plan):

  • NVME BASIC – $7.15
  • NVME BUSINESS – $18.28
  • NVME ULTIMATE – $32.95
  • NVME 1GB VPS – $20.97

WordPress Hosting (Per month plan):

  • NVME 1 VPS – $29.95    
  • NVME 2 VPS – $54.95    
  • NVME 4 VPS – $79.95
  • NVME 8 VPS – $99.95
  • NVME 12 VPS – $129.95
  • NVME 16 VPS – $159.95
  • NVME 24 VPS – $199.95
  • NVME 32 VPS – $249.95
  • NVME 64 VPS – $449.95
DEDICATED SERVERS(If you need more features) – $299 More hosting options are available at RoseHosting, including Magento Hosting, Odoo Hosting, Nextcloud Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, and Prestashop Hosting, all of which have similar pricing WordPress Hosting and Linux VPS hosting.

Why should you use RoseHosting?

RoseHosting is a 20-year-old, award-winning hosting company with over 337,000 happy customers.  If you want your website to load as quickly as possible, RoseHosting has an excellent 99.99% uptime record. RoseHosting’s 24/7 support will help you when you have any issues/problems regarding web hosting. RoseHosting also offers the DirectAdmin control panel for $5 and speedy NVMe storage to make your work easier.

Rosehosting Review (Summery)

Rosehosting is a little expensive. However, they offer exceptional service, and their servers are high-speed. Their customer support is also excellent. Overall, Rosehosting is an excellent choice. The uptime has been excellent. Overall, I highly recommend Rose hosting to anyone looking for a reliable web hosting provider. One thing I like about Rose hosting is its commitment to security. They offer a very robust set of security features, and they are always quick to patch any vulnerabilities.


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