How I set a goal and achieve it

How I set a goal and achieve it

Very amazing changes appeared on me and I will write here about how I set a goal and achieve it after that.

After spending a few days working on nothing I finally set a goal and strive to achieve it.

When I was doing nothing and completely unaware of my future I was completely lost I found myself a completely defeated person in life.

One day I was analyzing my days and what to do in the future.

I got quite angry with myself and was thinking like shame on me.

I thought about what I was doing, killing my time and destroying my future by doing nothing.

A sudden waking up from the situation I was in.
I told to myself that I have to do something.
I was madly in need of work, a job that can help me buy bread and butter and also that will build my

I was determined to get a job at that moment.
I was madly needed that.
“Ok! No more waste of time.” – I replied myself.

At that time actually, I got the motivation from a book written on the life of Swami Vivekananda and that changed my life completely. I got to know about our own self – the inner me, how the mind works, and how we can control it.

That book gave me so much learning and a complete shift from I was nowhere to a determined soul.
I learned to set a goal – I need a job.

Traditionally the social belief I belong to is a “JOB OR SERVICE MINDSET “.

Though my father was in a Photography business and from my childhood I grew up listening to the profit and loss.

I had more interest in business rather than job always.

But that moment I found the most easier or faster way to get some money monthly is a secure job.

I started preparing myself to get a secure government job. That was my goal.

I wrote it on a piece of paper and a time frame to achieve it.

The first thing I will share with you that will help you to set your goal is a positive mindset.
I started believing that I can surely achieve it.

Though back in 2006 when I started preparing for the competitive exam to get a job is very tough.

But I got to know some of my friends who already cracked the exams and got a job.
I made a framework that I am sharing with you now.
I set a goal and year.

What to do – To achieve my goal first I noted what should I read to get the exam passed.

I collected the last 10 years’ question set of the exams. By doing that I got to know what to read.

How am I working on it – I made a routine on what to read and when to read and make a rule to check weekly that I am going through it properly or not.

I had visualized my goal to work on it and achieved it in 2008.
I finally cracked the exam and got a job at a reputed public sector bank in India in 2008.

What I got massive confidence.
I learned how to set a goal and achieve it.

This was the begining for me to achieve whatever I wish, I dream and I want to get in life.

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