I was lost when I was 19

After passing my school final exam, I was lost when I was about to reach 19 years of age.

After passing the 12th class, I was committed to earning money doing business. Though, I was from a family where the job is the most priority.

I had no intention to study further though I got an “A” grade in my 12th exam. I got stuck on studying further. I did not like the exams system.

I did not like it.
I had no education goal in my life.
Instead, my mind was always in to make something creative in any field. I wanted to create a business but I did not have enough money to start a business at that time.

At that time I was almost 19 years of age. Doing nothing after passing out my 12th class.

Spending most of my time chatting with my friends, playing cricket in the afternoon.
Thought, I have been admitted for my BA in English honors at one of the renowned colleges in my home town Kolkata.

After spending someday I realized that I have no interest in studying English honors.

I was from a Science background and literature subject is not driving me to study further.

I had no career choice. I had no control over the time I was spending at that moment.

I was completely lost and in the dark of what to do in my life.

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