The incident when I was in school

In my school days, I was not very serious about my career because I was not a so-called brilliant student. Somehow I managed to get my science stream.

The bad memory I had during that time was I had to forcefully sit on the Commerce stream as just made the qualifying marks to get into Science steam.

We were four students who promote and admitted to science steam with getting just the qualifying marks and had to sit for Commerce class as punishment.

This incident hurt all of us a lot and I took it as an insult as well.

After some days we are told to attend science classes.
This incident broke me a lot and left two deep impressions on my mind at that time.

One positive and one negative impression.

I am telling you the negative impression first. It made me think that as I hardly managed to get the science stream. So I would never qualify for engineering entrance or medical entrance exam.

Though it was not obvious it made me think like that.

Another positive impression it made on my mind was to prove myself. I proved to my teachers that they were wrong not having me sit for the science class upon admission at that time.

I proved them wrong when I got an “A” division in my 12th final exam.

This incident was destined and I had one learning from it that “what people think or assume about you is not important but how you generate results from your insult is more important.”

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